Telemedicine Video Chat

Are You Really HIPAA-Compliant?

HIPAA-Compliance is More than Technical Specs

Are You Letting Consumer-Grade Companies
Collect Information About Your Patients?

Most of the consumer-oriented video chat services were not designed to be HIPAA compliant. They were designed to be accessible and to collect data on their users. What's more, they tend to collect information about meeting participants such as IP address and location. This information is cross-indexed against massive databases to personally identify, track, and advertise to online video chat users. Marketing professionals can personally identify up to 50% of your patients, down to their name and street address, just from their IP addresses - which are visible to website administrators. TelemedicineApp.net was designed for privacy. We do not share any user or participant information associated with your telemedicine app.

If You Don't Have a Business Associate Agreement
from Your Video Chat Company,
You Are Not HIPAA Compliant.

The Department of Health and Human Services, clearly and repeatedly states that covered entities (aka health care providers) must have a signed Business Associate Agreement from the video chat app provider. The health care provider is in violation of HIPAA without this agreement on file. The Business Associate Agreement is a very specific contract with required provisions. Among them, the video chat company must promise to protect the health care provider's information with all the same safeguards that are required of you and patient information, and the video chat company must promise to cooperate with authorities who inspect you. In our experience, getting consumer-oriented video chat apps to produce this document with the language you need can be troublesome, even with companies that say you "can ask" for a business associate agreement. With TelemedicineApp.net, you don't have these worries. Our parent company sends you a signed Business Associate Agreement with your introductory email, automatically.

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