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Video or Telephone Conference

Each meeting has both a unique web page address and a telephone number with pin. You can use the system strictly for a conference call when voice interaction is all you need. Or attendees of your business meetings can choose what works best for them individually: being a web participant, watching online but calling in, or conference call only. Your meetings can support up to 200 attendees (more with upgrades).

Community Health Talks

Supporting up to 200 attendees, your telemedicine app is a great way to do community education talks. Just schedule a meeting, post the link on your website or Facebook page, email your patients, and post on social media.

Manager Meetings

Make regularly scheduled videoconference meetings to optimize communication, organization, and synergy among managers who don't work in the same office. Collaborate between clinicians treating the same patient, but separately. All video participants on desktop and laptop computers can screen share. Attendees can individually zoom in on sections of shared documents without the document owner having to do it for them. Each member of the group can type into collective notes that email to everyone automatically at the end. The host can give keyboard and mouse control of his or her computer to attendees and let them alter documents in any software on the host's computer.

The Advantages of Video Conferencing In-Services

Hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and home care agencies often employ a large number of nurses, nursing assistants, and aides. Companies frequently need to provide some or all of their continuing education directly. Private video conferencing empowers you to leverage your more experienced and dynamic leaders in live, interactive presentations to the whole staff and to record those presentations for people who miss the live meetings. Live, interactive meetings are the best way to provide the leadership and inspiration that keeps your team focused on quality of care.

Have up to 12 presenters, 30 web participants, and 200 telephone attendees with the $12.99 pro-version of your video conferencing app. No limit on the number or length of meetings. Attendees just visit with the key code you provide. The key code changes for each meeting. Attendees do not have to set up any sort of account or individual password.
Your video conferencing app keeps an attendance log which you can download as a CSV.
Record your sessions for later use. Unlimited online storage at unique URLs. Email staff links to the exact meetings they missed or need to review again in the future. Set up sign-in-gating on recorded videos so you get a log of who watches each video later and for how long.
Automatic no-show list. Your app will create a list of no-shows for each meeting. That's a list of people you invited but did who did not attend. You can type an email to the no-shows, include a link to the recording of the meeting if you like, and send it to all the no-shows with the click of one send button. As with all emails from the app, the emails send as from the company email to them, so the email addresses of other attendees are not exposed.
Attendees can ask questions and interact with the presenter. They can do this by voice or with live chat. Live chat is handy so attendees and submit notes without interrupting the speaker.
The host has complete control including assigning another user to help with control, muting attendees, ejecting attendees, private-chatting with attendees, etc.
Type important notes on a shared note pad. Standard word processing formatting tools are available. Notes are emailed to all participants at the end of the meeting.
Your video conferencing app automatically creates a text script of all recorded conferences. You can also easily download the recorded video or audio-only versions.

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