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A Face-to-Face Alternative to In-Person

Expand your health care practice virtually.

Telehealth Practice Types

Various provider types can benefit from a HIPAA-compliant video chat system with appointment scheduling.

Lower Barriers to Health Care

In-person visits facilitate the best health care, but expanding your availability virtually can lower barriers to care. Imagine the elderly patient who needs her meds explained again, but doesn't feel it merits a drive to the office. Think of an immune-compromised patient who doesn't necessarily need to be in person for every visit. Remember that busy executive who will happily pay cash for a remote consultation just to make sure an in-person visit is absolutely necessary. Consider the mental health patients for whom privacy is a must.

Imagine How Telehealth Video Chat Can Enhance Your Practice

Not just for patients. Use telehealth video chat to help a family caregiver or geriatric care manager sit in on an appointment or to have a specialist consult during your appointment.
Physical therapists can use telehealth video chat to supervise home exercise sessions between in-person visits. This process can encourage adherence to the home exercise plan, correct technique shortcomings earlier, and save time and money for patients by reducing the number of trips to the office.
Healthcare professionals who drive from client to client, such as certain types of social workers, can increase efficiency by picking one day for follow-up check-ins. Using telehealth video chat, you'll be able to connect with many more people in one day.
For patients receiving home health, scheduling a doctor's telehealth video chat during the home nursing visit can create strong efficiencies. The nurse can give skilled assessment to doctors in real time. The doctor can give verbal orders while the automatic transcript documents care plan oversight time.

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