HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine App

Branded video conference & teleconference platform for telehealth, in-services, and business meetings.

Affordable. Easy to Integrate. Richly Featured.
Truly HIPAA-Compliant on Day One.

Truly HIPAA-Compliant
Video Chat

Some video chat services meet HIPAA's technical requirements. However, for you to be HIPAA compliant, you must obtain a signed Business Associate Agreement from the video chat company. The Department of Health and Human Services clearly states that the Business Associate Agreement is required by HIPAA for video chat. We provide you with the Business Associate Agreement on day one. You don't even have to ask.

(We Do It For You)

Your telemedicine app is branded to you, and we do that for you at no additional charge. You upload your logo with your order. We do the work of converting the logo to the right sizes and placing it on your video conferencing platform. We also set up your custom URL to your company name. You may change the branding yourself at any time. That's why we call your telemedicine platform "yours," not "ours."

Streamlined Telemedicine App

Your telemedicine app is rich in online video conference features, but it is streamlined in terms of practice management. This app does not attempt to intervene in any of your normal business operations, making your telemedicine app extremely easy to implement. Just like you normally would, you set an appointment by phone or email, you send appointment reminders, and you bill the patient or insurance. The only difference is that you (1) give patients directions to their online appointment instead of to your building, and (2) you meet them in a virtual exam room instead of in a physical exam room.

HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine App

Key Video Conference Features

For private interaction with patients, business meetings, in-services, and community talks from 200 to 1,000 participants.
Type patient instructions during the online appointment. Your telemedicine app automatically emails your instructions to the patient at the end of the appointment.
Automatic, typed transcripts.
You can record all or portions of patient encounters with the click of a button. Your telemedicine app gives you unlimited cloud storage for this. After the appointment, your telemedicine app emails you when your video, audio, and transcript downloads are ready.
Instant, scheduled, and recurring meetings. No limits on number or length of meetings.
Patients do not have to set up accounts. Each appointment generates a unique meeting URL, and you send patients a passcode for entry into the virtual exam room.
Automatic email reminders for scheduled meetings.
Waiting screen for people who arrive before the meeting host. They see a screen saying you have not started the meeting yet. The waiting screen checks the meeting status every few seconds and alerts the attendee(s) when they can enter.
Easy file display. It's easy to show patients educational materials through screen sharing. Share your whole screen, just certain apps, or even individual tabs in your browser.
Host controls: see who is in the room, mute and eject people, "lock the door" when all participants are in the room, etc.
Host control transfer. Support staff can start a virtual appointment and greet a patient. You can join the meeting on a different computer, and your support staff can transfer control of the meeting.
High definition 720p video.
Audio only option. Use as video chat, video conference, or teleconference app seamlessly and simultaneously in each meeting.
Cloud-based and mobile friendly. You can log in and start a video teleconference anywhere you have Internet access, whether you are working in the office, at a patient's home, or from your own home when on-call. Host a meeting from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.

Affordable Telemedicine App

$12.99 per month

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